My Girl Wants to Potty All the Time, Potty All the Time…

Punksin was toilet-trained by age 2. I take zero credit for this – her toddler room teacher, Miss Elif, took the matter in hand and with only 2 accidents, my girl had it figured out.  By figured out I mean that she would tell us when she had to go, but of course she still needed assistance once she got there.

She is now 4 years old, and we are still assisting in the potty for #2.  At first the Tech Guru and I would just go and wipe her but then we realized that she would never figure out how to do it if we didn’t give her some instructions and allow her to do it herself.  After all, we knew that at school she wasn’t being helped, so really, we were being taken for a ride here.

Watching her wipe herself after a bowel movement is to cringe, as she often pulls the tissue from the back and drags it through her vagina to the front.  We’ve told her over and over, and shown her too, that she has to go from front to back.  We’ve explained why.  We’ve shown her a few ways to do it too, realizing that for little arms we might need to find the one technique that works for her.  She’s getting it, but every now and then there’s a lapse, as there was a few nights ago when she begged her father to wipe her, because she was “too tired.”  We insisted that she needed to wipe herself.  There was much arguing.  She finally relented and the Tech Guru, who had left the room in frustration, returned just in time to see her running the tissue the wrong way.

TG:    Sweetie, you have to go from front to back, remember?  You don’t want to get germs in your vagina and get sick.

Punksin:    I know, Daddy, I know.  I did go from front to back – just forward.

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