Lunch with Daddy

Tomorrow is a special day.

Tomorrow, we are going into the city to have Lunch With Daddy.

You have absolutely no idea how insanely excited Punksin is about this.  Really.  School is out this week for spring break, and she’s been going to vacation camp off and on this week, more to give her something to do than anything else, and she has told any and everyone that on Thursday, they will NOT be seeing her, because SHE will be having lunch with her father.  (For the record, Pudding and I will also be there but that doesn’t seem to matter one way or the other…)

I just bought her about 10 new dresses, all of which twirl to varying degrees.  She is going through the Twirl Phase – every dress she owns must twirl or she will not wear it.  If she does condescend to put it on, she acts extremely disappointed and walks with her head hung low, as though I am sending her out wearing a design from the House of Burlap.

Now, with 10 new twirly spring dresses and a date with her dad for lunch, she has been over the moon.

This evening, after we came in from her swim class, I told her she could pick the dress she’ll wear tomorrow.  As her mother, I love laying out her clothes, but I’ve reluctantly realized that she is beginning to have an opinion about them – and every right to decide, within reason, what she wears.  And really, since I chose and purchased all of the dresses anyhow, shouldn’t any one of them be acceptable?

After dinner, we made a grand entrance into her walk-in closet (also known as her bedroom) to choose The Dress.

Of course, each one had to be brought out of the armoire, held up, and examined.  She actually held out the skirts, most likely to measure the twirl factor.

She finally settled on a white dress with cherries and greenery on it.  I laid it out on the changing table for a minute.  Then I noticed her eyeing it critically.

Mommy, she asked, does this dress twirl?

Yes, I answered, but I don’t think it’s the most twirly dress you have.  Indeed, this dress does appear to have a limited twirl factor, I’d say about a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Oh, she said thoughtfully.  Then, I think Daddy would like to see me in a very twirly dress.  I’m going to pick another one.

And so she did.  A white and yellow number that definitely twirls.

After she jumped around the room in delight several times, we carefully placed it back in the closet so that the Tech Guru would not see it, sneaky Twirl Spy that he is, because she wants it to be a surprise tomorrow.  She insisted on hiding the shoes too. (I could give her some pointers on that one…)

When TG came in from his run in the park and heard all of this, I think he was moved to know just how special this day is to her, and he vowed to make it a great day for her.  He thinks it’s adorable that she is so damn excited about lunch with her dad.  Adorable, wonderful, precious and just lovely.

I do too.

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