iTouch Myself

Time was, my husband used to touch me in the morning.

Now, it’s the iTouch.

Granted, I know that if he had a choice, he’d prefer me, but with 2 children clambering all over us by 6:30, we’d need to be up before the sun to resume any semblance of our pre-parent morning activities.

Still, the iTouch thing is annoying me with its damn convenience.  He comes home from work, he pulls it out while we’re chatting over dinner prep.  At night in bed, same thing.  This morning, we cuddled while Punksin watched a cartoon and Pudding grinned at us yelling baba and dada.  We “spooned” (a word I actually hate as a verb but it does paint a picture), and it was nice and comforting and wonderful to do even that.  Then I looked back to see what he was doing with the hand that was not on me.

If you guessed “reading his iTouch“, you win a million dollars!

I almost wished he had been masturbating.  It would have been bad around the kids – but at least it would have shown he was with me in the moment, you know?

So here we are.  I am typing on my laptop, Punksin is watching a cartoon, Pudding is squealing in delight, and The Tech Guru is looking at who-knows-what on his iTouch.  We are all together, yet all in our separate worlds.  The only one I applaud is Pudding, who is enjoying life by being present in this world as opposed to escaping via some technology. Welcome to the American family lifestyle.

I try not to bitch about this too much because I understand that, being a Tech Guru, he will be involved in tech stuff, and it’s not that he reaches for his mistress all the time.  But I wish we could have some times that are sacred, times where interacting with each other is important enough even if we’re not talking about any earth-shattering.  It’s hard to preach to Punksin that there is a time and place for the tv when her dad will pull out the iTouch at meals, or first in the morning.

Technology is fascinating, convenient, and wonderful.  But I rue the way we as a society have allowed it to encroach upon every waking minute of our lives.   I’m one of those who savors the ability to Turn It Off and Not Be Connected.

Having said that, I am going to shut this off now and go make breakfast and be with my kids and my husband.

And possibly, his mistress.

That bitch.

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3 Responses to “iTouch Myself”

  1. Sara says:

    That was good !!! I echo your feelings here. I have 2 kids and each one is addicted to their computer (including me) and Daddy? Well, he even goes to the loo with his version of iTouch.
    What has the world come to ?

    I have set some rules though … no TV or phones of any kind in the bedroom for us or the kids.



  2. Leian says:

    There’s no TV in the kids room but we do have one in ours and of course, guess where they are most of the time? The phones are usually downstairs too so that’s no problem. It’s the computer thing, that’s the problem. There seems to be no shutoff time. I just want to create clearcut times when it is NOT ALLOWED.

    So I suppose we’ll have to talk about it. Not at dinnertime. Not when we haven’t seen each other all day. AND NOT IN BED.

  3. Sara says:

    😉 definitely NOT IN BED …