Punksin Saves the Day

Thank God for my kids, is all I can say.  Sometimes they give you grief – and sometimes they take the grief away. Yesterday was a wonderful example of the latter.  We were in the car, all 3 of us, and we were late – surprise surprise – to gymnastics class.  Punksin was yammering on […]

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Visiting A Foreign Land

Today, I did something I swore I would never do. I took Punksin – and Pudding – to a Chuck E. Cheese. I have always had extreme disdain for this place.  Mind you, I’d never set foot in one, in this particular case going directly against my advice to Punksin about food: you have to […]

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Name Change

As you know, the spousal unit is obsessed with the iTouch.  (If you don’t know, read this for some insight.) He loves this thing so much that finding new things to do with it, and new things to put on it,  has become his newest – and apparently most enjoyable – hobby. Tonight it became […]

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Lunch with Daddy

Tomorrow is a special day. Tomorrow, we are going into the city to have Lunch With Daddy. You have absolutely no idea how insanely excited Punksin is about this.  Really.  School is out this week for spring break, and she’s been going to vacation camp off and on this week, more to give her something […]

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The Best Email Chain Letter Ever

All I have to say is, I wrote this.  And I am going to send it out FAR AND WIDE. Today I got an email Or maybe three or four; It’s hard to tell cuz every day I’m fielding more and more. Some promise Jesus loves me. Some tell me I’m so great. Some look […]

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iTouch Myself

Time was, my husband used to touch me in the morning. Now, it’s the iTouch. Granted, I know that if he had a choice, he’d prefer me, but with 2 children clambering all over us by 6:30, we’d need to be up before the sun to resume any semblance of our pre-parent morning activities. Still, […]

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My Girl Wants to Potty All the Time, Potty All the Time…

Punksin was toilet-trained by age 2. I take zero credit for this – her toddler room teacher, Miss Elif, took the matter in hand and with only 2 accidents, my girl had it figured out.  By figured out I mean that she would tell us when she had to go, but of course she still […]

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I Want My Mommy

I miss my mom. On most days, I don’t miss her.  In her most current incarnation, which has lasted for several years, she is hostile, obstreperous, nasty, cutting and just downright unpleasant to be around.  During the last several years before she cut off contact, I lived on tenterhooks in her presence, afraid to do […]

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Come On Get Happy

Remember that from the Partridge Family theme song?  I used to love that show.  Don’t act like you didn’t love that show too.  Come on. Anyhow, I am getting happy.  I am very happy that it is 75 degrees outside today, which is FABULOUS.  If you know anything about me at all, you know I […]

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A Little Better Today

Today I did not experience the despondency that has left me practically breathless in the past few days. This is good. I think. I say I think because there were moments, and they seemed to me to be completely lucid moments, where I doubted that there had been any death at all. I wondered if […]

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