Yes, I Know “Horn” Is a Word

Every single time we get in the car to go anywhere, Punksin immediately asks “Mommy, do you want to play a game with me?”

Most of the time, my internal answer is no. I just want to have a minute to think and try to get us where we’re going without having an accident with any of the mentally challenged drivers that seem to fill the roads of New Jersey. But of course, I have to bite the bullet. After all, the day will come that she will not want to play any more games with me, and I’ll miss it then, I know. And of course, I promised myself that I would be a Cool Mom who would Play Games With My Kids. (Of course, this was a long long time ago, before I had the slightest inkling that after having kids, your primary concern is not Being A Cool Mom but rather, Maintaining What’s Left of Your Sanity.)

So we had to go through the whole “What game do you want to play?” thing, when of course I am not allowed to say “None of them”, and then she came up with some game that has to do with spelling, which I played once and I refuse to play again until she actually learns how to spell, because it ended in tears – for both of us.

Today, we settled on the rhyming game – easy enough. We take turns: one of us says a word, the other has to come up with a word that rhymes. Simple, usually, until she starts throwing out words like window and rainbow. Today, though, we were moving along at a nice pace.

Hat, cat.

House, mouse.

Car, star.

Rain, lane.

And so on.

And then she says, “Corn.”

And I swear, for 5 long minutes, I couldn’t think of anything but porn.

Sad, huh?

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