Why This Site is So Boring

Hopefully, reading my rants, raves and thoughts isn’t boring you.

But if you’re wondering why I’m using this sorry-ass WordPress template, blame the Tech Guru, who has been promising me a redesign for so long that it’s gotten to be a joke around our house.

First, the delay was caused by the fact that he was busy doing work for people that would actually pay him.  That, I can understand.

Now, he’s gotten anal about a font.  Yes – for want of a font, a website was lost.  Actually, the font thing was a week or so ago, and I think it’s just sort of faded into nothingness.

But I promise you, if I threaten to pay a web designer to just get this done for me, the Tech Guru will huff and puff that he can do it.  And if I just go ahead and get someone to do it, he’ll have some kind of criticism to offer about the site’s design, what he would have done differently, how he could have done a better job.

To which my only response will be, yes, maybe you could have – but you didn’t.

Because I have noticed that I am getting very results-oriented, I’m not just going to throw that out there vaguely.  Now, there’s a deadline.  End of April – which is way damn longer than I want to wait.  If nothing has happened by then, I’m outsourcing.

(Not to India, though.)

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