So What the Hell Were We Talking About Again?

I am continually amazed – stupefied, I tell you – at the turns my conversations with Punksin take. Today’s ride home from school went as follows:

Punksin: I don’t feel so good. (She had already told me this, and truth be told, her eyes were showing signs of a cold and she’s been coughing and sniffing ever since.)

Me: I know. It sounds like something is going around in your class. Everybody’s sick.

Punksin: Not everybody.

Me: Well not everybody, no, but Olivia W. is sick, Sam is sick, you’re getting sick – so a lot of people are sick.

Punksin: Sam went home from school early today.

Me: I heard.

Punksin: How do you know? I didn’t told you.

Me: Miss Toni told me.

Punksin: She did? When?

Me: When I picked you up.

Punksin: Oh. (thinks for a minute) Maybe he got sick from eating too much candy.

Me: Well, I don’t think he’s that kind of sick. Miss Toni said he had a fever.

Punksin: You can’t get sick from eating too much candy?

Me: Well, you can, definitely, but not a fever. More like a tummy ache or something. If you eat too much candy, your tummy would just hurt and you’d feel sick in your tummy. Until you went to the bathroom and all the candy came out, I guess.

Punksin: Oh. Then you’d have candy poo-poo. (needless to say, she chortles at this) Candy poo-poo would be hard like candy. Mommy, you know what? Sometimes, my poo-poo hurts. When it’s pointy, I mean. And then I pull the points back up into my bagina so it won’t hurt. (pause) I mean my butt.


That was effectively the end of the conversation because I was laughing too hard, partially because I know exactly what she’s talking about.

Methinks we need to get some stool softener. Hard poo-poos are not fun.

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