It’s Official

That mom I mentioned several posts back? The one from my daughter’s dance school who dissed my daughter and who also affects this really saccharine blonde bimbo personality that I personally feel is a line of bullshit?

I really don’t like her.

Just dealing with her on a weekly basis has been trying on my nerves. We had a few weeks off because Punksin missed two classes in a row, but on Saturday we were back. And there she was. And I tried my best to make nice and pretend that everything was, as they say, copacetic. After all, it’s once a week for an hour or so – not too long to have to put up with someone, right?

Or so I thought. But after complimenting her on her complexion – a sincere compliment, mind you, because I don’t manufacture compliments just to have something to say – and receiving a somewhat snide response that was delivered in her usual breathy tones, I decided: you know what?

Life is too fucking short. And an hour out of my week making nicey-nice with someone that I really don’t mesh with, is an hour I could be reading a damn book, or doing some work, or watching my daughter dance, or doing any number of things within the confines of the dance school’s waiting area – things that will not have me walking out of there feeling like I need a drink at 11:00 in the morning.

Besides, I’ve never been good at the pretend game. I’ve never wanted to be and as I come ever closer to 40, I really don’t think I’m going to adopt that pattern of behavior now. Affecting fake behavior is precisely why I don’t like this woman in the first place, so why would I choose to meet her on her own ground by doing the same? Uh-uh.

I had a successful, lucrative career in corporate America. I’ve always felt it could have been even more successful had I been one to go into I’m-the-salesperson-who’s-your-best-friend mode, but I refused to; I thought it was insulting to my clients and I know I hate when salespeople do it to me. You don’t have to be my best friend – just do your damn job well. If a friendship springs up out of that, lovely. I think most of my clients, particularly the ones at VP and CEO levels who had been wined and dined enough to know when someone was being fake or not, appreciated my integrity. And even if they didn’t, I sure did.

So I’m maintaining it here too. I don’t like her, and I have zero reason to pretend that I do. I didn’t do it with my boss, I didn’t do it with my clients, so I’m sure not about to do it with some wannabe ditz.

I think next Saturday, I will carry a book. I am really going to try my best to avoid her because if she comes to me being fake, I might say something that would be best left unsaid. I really don’t want unpleasantness – I just want peace.

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