Straight Off The NY Times Bestseller List

Last summer, I made an online friend.  I can’t even remember if it was before or after Pudding was born, I was blogging so much it was all a damn blur.  But blogs are like bars – frequent the same ones often enough and you become a regular, and you get to know the other regulars.  Friendships are formed.

It’s kind of weird when it happens online.  People who haven’t met face to face are all of a sudden yukking it up online, getting to know about each other’s lives, sometimes sharing secrets and disappointments and serious stories.

It didn’t go quite that far for me and my online friend.  We shared some life stories, but nothing earth-shattering, nothing that we wouldn’t tell the general populace. But we weren’t posting it to the general populace, we were emailing each other with these anecdotes about spouses and children, jobs and work, motherhood.  There was a nice camaraderie.  I never thought she was my BFF, but it was nice to have a gentle connection to a real person out there in cyberspace.

Then it just stopped.

At first I chalked it up to us both being busy.  Pudding was growing by leaps and bounds and it wasn’t so easy to be online for extended periods of time.  Her kids are older but I knew her home-based business was taking up a great amount of her time.  And online friendships can be like flesh-and-blood ones:  if you’re not in the person’s immediate sphere, it’s easy to lose touch. 

Still, I emailed a quick hello one night, saying hi, checking up on her.

Her response was friendly, short, indicative of busyness. 

About a month later, realizing we hadn’t chatted in a while, I emailed again.


Then I posted a hello on her blog a few weeks later.


I IM’ed her when I saw she was online.

No response.

For what I concluded would be the last time, I emailed her a few days ago.


And so, I can only conclude that my online friendship has been reduced to a paraphrased book title:

She’s Just Not That Into Me.

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