Coughing and Sniffing and Sneezing, Oh My!

We have all been sick.

ALL of us.

First Punksin was sick. As you may recall, though, it was a light cough here, a runny nose there, and she was pretty much done.

Her father, her brother and I, on the other hand, have not fared so well.

Pudding has sneezed out such copious amounts of green and yellow muck that it has been a marvel to see. At one point he sneezed and then he looked at me, and I swear he looked as though he had suddenly grown dripping fangs out of his nose. The stuff was dangling beyond his chin. And it was THICK.

And he gets really annoyed when we try to wipe his face. The minute he sees the tissue coming he swings his face away, which often results in gobs of mucus either flying in all directions, or being wiped directly onto my shirt.

Punksin had a few nights of coughing and during those nights she wasn’t sleeping too well so she asked the Tech Guru to come and sleep with her, which he kindly did. On most of those nights, she proceeded to cough right into his face. So really, it was no wonder that he got sick too. But given that he gets sick very very rarely, we were a bit surprised. And he has not been handling it well at all.



Even vomiting!

I have had the aches and the chills, but not, I think, as strongly as he has. Or maybe I’m not being such a wuss about it? I don’t know. We all know that men can’t handle sickness (you do know this, right?), and I think when The Tech Guru does get sick, he actually gets bewildered.

What has been hard is the complete inability to really relax and rest. We’re both sick, we both need rest, and our daughter is Miss High Energy. We have tried explaining to her that Mommy and Daddy are sick as hell and can’t really function right now, but she is not getting it at all. And although it occurred to me that I should line up a playdate for her, I realized that I’d be sending her out with germs and that wouldn’t really be nice to any of her friends’ households. I wouldn’t want anyone to be down for the count the way we are right now.

I’m hoping that we’re coming out on the other side of whatever this is, although we still both feel like crap warmed over. Since Friday, really, we’ve been out of commission, and it’s getting to be a bit tiresome. The puffy eyes, the stuffed-up nose, the scratchy throat.

I must say, though, the hoarse voice thing has been a little sexy on The Tech Guru.

Too bad neither of us has enough energy to capitalize on it.

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