Thanks for…

I haven’t done my Thankful post recently, although it’s been on my mind. I don’t have the longest list today, but here it is:

I’m thankful for our cousin Sadia and her mom, Juana. These are cousins on my husband’s side, Juana being his dad’s sister. Sadia lives on the West Coast and was out here for work recently and visited with us for one night. She had to leave extremely early the following morning and when I got up I actually missed her.

You have no idea how big this is. No idea.

She and her mom are just so cool. They’re fun, intelligent, and accomplished. We first met them at our wedding, oddly enough, and I am eternally happy that they came and that we were able to strike up a relationship with them. Juana is a wonderful aunt – young enough to be fun, energetic, and a contemporary, but just older enough for us to turn to her for advice and respect her points of view. I’m thankful for the times I’ve been able to reach out to her in varying situations, and doubly thankful that my husband has been able to talk to her – especially about the parasites from the previous post – and get her no-nonsense advice too. She pulls no punches, tells you exactly what she thinks, and I respect that.

Sadia, I wish we’d gotten to hang out with her more before we were parents. But even when she came over here, she was wonderful at putting Punksin to bed, got in the bed with her and read her a story and Pudding was as excited as could be. She’s just fabulous. (And she works at YouTube; you should check her out here.)

When Tech Guru and I were trying to think of what people we’d approach to be Pudding’s godparents, we had to think long and hard. We’d exhausted most of the options with Punksin, we didn’t want to have the same people fill that role for both, and yet we couldn’t think of people we were close enough to. Then one day while I was loading the dishwasher – a lot of good ideas seem to come to me as I load the dishwasher – it hit me – Sadia! She was perfect, and Tech Guru immediately agreed. She epitomizes all that we want both of our children to be as they grow up and when they grow up: smart, witty, ambitious, intelligent, confident but not conceited, and global.

So thank God for her. I was planning to say thanks for them both anyhow because they’re really cool people, but in light of the previous post, my gratefulness has multiplied. Thank you, God and the universe, for these two wonderful relatives of ours. May we be as good for them as they are for us.

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