Momy, Wut Duz THIS Spel?

As a writer and avid reader, it is so wonderful to see my daughter slowly enter the world of words. She has, of course, learned the alphabet. Then she learned to write her own name, quickly followed by my name. Then she learned to write all of the letters in the alphabet herself.

This was followed by words: cat and pig are on her list of accomplishments. She learned what the letters for those words were by sounding them out, but we realize we have a long way to go: she can sound the letters individually, but putting them together to form a word is still difficult for her. So when you ask her how to spell dog, you might get d-o-g. Or you might get d-a-p.

She’s trying, though, really hard, trying her little best to get the hang of this mysterious reading and writing thing. She’s so excited to be reading and writing and making words and she’s constantly reading the letters from labels and asking me what they say.

She also puts together her own letters and asks me what they say too. Which gets really interesting.

Yesterday, I was loading the dishwasher while she wrote happily on the chalkboard that her dad painted on the wall for her. Imagine! A whole wall to herself, to write and draw. Fabulous! So she scribbled away, and when she said “Mommy, what does this spell?”,I had to do my motherly/writerly duty and see what my daughter had written.


For about 5 minutes afterwards, she looked at me in amused puzzlement while I laughed so hard that I collapsed with tears rolling out. How perfect that the daughter of a potty-mouth would choose to write these letters… Of course, I couldn’t explain to her why Mommy was laughing. But one day, when she is older, I will tell her this story, and she and I can share a good laugh.

After all, it’s phuc-ing hilarious.

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