Hawaddi and A New Plan for New Year’s Eve

I’ve gotten the fever.

Well, I never really lost the fever.

The fever is my travel bug fever.  It never really leaves, to be honest.  As soon as we get back from one vacation, and I mean the DAY we return, I am planning the next one in my head, trying to think where we can go next, what destination, what hotel, anything.  I have been guilty of planning vacations while on vacation.

When I was working as a corporate lackey account executive at Food & Wine, I traveled frequently for work but still made it a point to get my ass out of Dodge for my own personal gratification every 4 months.  This did not always sit well with my bosses, who couldn’t figure out how I amassed so much vacation time.  I finally had to point out that if they just DID THE MATH, 3 weeks of vacation time, spread out evenly, was one week every 4 months, DUH.

The problem was that I was religious about taking it, whereas other people would engage in a whole lot of ass-kissing and making themselves feel important by forgoing their allotted vacation time.  They were too busy.  Their jobs were too important.  They were needed.


My motto was, if my name isn’t on the damn building, they can do without me for a few days.  But to be honest, I could kind of see the point.  I would spend so much time preparing for the damn vacation, in terms of filling in Mary and making sure Joe knew what to do if client A called, and generally just Covering My Ass so that I had a job to return to, that by the time I got on the plane I was more in need of the goddamn vacation than ever.

Now, with kids, our travel has gotten all irregular.  There’s no rhyme or reason to it, no scheduling.  Which is why we’re overdue.  Our last vacation was the first week in September, but the one before that was – yikes! – in February!  As our youth would say, that’s, like, a whole YEAR or something!

We used to travel in August for our anniversary, in November for my birthday, and try to do something quickish in February and May too.  So we’re missing a lot this year.  Hence the travel fever.

Some friend of ours just asked us if we wanted to travel with them to Cancun.  We did Puerto Vallarta in 2006 and it was okay but given that we nearly had a physical fight with a timeshare salesman (I kid you not), our taste for Mexico has dampened.  Not gone altogether by a long shot – I still want to visit San Miguel de Allende and several other cities and would even return to the PV area if I was heading to the Four Seasons Punta Mita.  But when your last taste of a place involves short devious Mexicans getting in your face (I swear if Punksin hadn’t been there my husband would have ripped him a new asshole), you kind of want to give the place some time to fade, you know?  And yes, I know PV isn’t Cancun but I’ve done Cancun (which I found terribly Americanized) and now I’m itching for a new spot.

Which brings me to the title of this post.  Hubby and I were discussing vacation spots and I mentioned Puerto Rico.  We’ve already been but it was a long time ago and the place has such good memories that we’re jonesing to go back.  (Also we just saw Anthony Bourdain’s trip there and it lit up the hankering.)

But Punksin, when she got wind of this conversation, injected that she wants to go to Hawaddi.

I want to get back there too.  I really did not experience Hawaddi when I visited, since I was laid up in my hotel room hemorrhaging (yes, I said hemorrhaging).  A damn shame too since I was staying at Halekulani which is absolutely lovely – it lends an air of civility and beauty to touristy Waikiki.  But I don’t see Hawaddi happening any time soon unless we break up the trip with a stop somewhere along the way.  My kids are great travelers thus far but I think that nonstop would really be pushing it.

So I really have to think about where we can go.

I’ve also decided that from now on, new family tradition – we are ringing in the New Year out of the country.  Or at least out of New Jersey…

Stay tuned.

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One Response to “Hawaddi and A New Plan for New Year’s Eve”

  1. Sara says:

    Hawaddi sounds good. Kids know best !!
    You can always stop by Phoenix AZ for a few days to rest.
    Mi casa es su casa.