Why Writers Will Soon Be Extinct

Today, after dropping Punksin off at her ballet class, another mom/friend and I checked out a new Starbucks that just opened down the street from the dance studio.  (Hubby stayed behind on site in case of unexpected drama – like a mid-class potty break.)

I ordered my 2 chai lattes, other mom steps up to order.  I step aside, and notice that this Starbucks was selling, for my reading pleasure, The Kite Runner, an excellent book that I admittedly had on my shelf for about a year or so before finally reading it.

Me (to other mom): Have you read this?

OM: No, I haven’t.

Starbucks Barista chimes in:  You should read it, it’s an excellent book.

OM: Oh, have you read it?

Which may seem like a dumb question – but wait.

Starbucks Barista: Only the first 2 pages.

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One Response to “Why Writers Will Soon Be Extinct”

  1. a city girl says:

    Lol that was classic!