Why I Hate Winter

Because it’s cold, and because it brings colds.

Punksin has had 2 colds already.  The first one started in the beginning of November and long after the fever and dripping nose departed, she had this annoying – to her, not me – cough that made its strongest showing, as coughs perversely do, at night.  It never really subsided, and then 2 nights ago I noticed that it seemed to be picking up some daytime hours too, like it was working double shift to save money for Christmas shopping or something.

Lo and behold, I go to get her from school yesterday, and one of the teachers tells me that she’s been coughing all day and complaining of pain in her forehead when she coughed.

So we came home, changed straight into jammies, and I prepared for the worst.

And true enough, by nightfall she was feeling feverish, so I sent her off to bed.  She coughed and slept restlessly, an annoying cough that depleted her energy and left her gagging at times.  I felt so helpless.  The cough medicine didn’t seem to be working – not the homeopathic honey-based one or the regular drug-filled stuff either.

Then, around 11:00, she threw up.

I was in a deep sleep and I guess somehow she’d managed to get there too because she was clearly upset but instead of the usual wailing it was more of a sleepy murmuring.  She sat there in her bed, arms held high as though she was imploring me, God, anybody, to help her to deal with this mess.

And mess it was.  She’d had some multi-grain toast at dinner and I swear every single grain had separated and was now spread out across her arms, her face, the pillow, the sheets, her comforter, her pants…  I didn’t care though.  In a way I was actually happy, because I was thinking – hoping – that somewhere in that mess was some of the mucus I’d been hearing her trying unsuccessfully to hack up.

Today she stayed home from school.  And all I’m hoping is that Pudding is not next.  It seems kind of inevitable but I hate when babies get sick – you feel even more helpless because they just look at you all tired and worn out and perplexed and you can’t explain a damn thing.

I just can’t help feeling that if I lived in a warm climate, the chances of dealing with this awful back-to-back crap would be slimmer.  Not nil, but slimmer.

I hate the cold.

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