So it occurred to me that, some time ago, I had promised I would think of things to be thankful for on a fairly regular basis.

It hasn’t exactly been happening.

And I figured, what with the recent posts about people who have been Pissing Me the Hell Off, it was time to get back on the bandwagon. I need to, for my own goddamn sanity.

So here is the list of things that right now, I am thankful for:

  1. I am thankful for Christ. As we approach his birthday, I am thankful that so many years ago, that he came into this world. From the time I was a child myself, I have often wondered: did he know, even as a baby, why he was here, what he was sent to do, what was going to happen to him? I believe so. I mean, I believe that all infants still have that connection to God, that they’re uncoordinated and helpless only because they’re trying to figure out how to work this new and limiting apparatus that we call a body while inside, their intelligent souls still retain some memory of either past lives or recent interactions with God and the universe. I think that it’s only as we grow older and more grounded in this life that we lose that connection, which for so many of us means losing our way altogether. So I do believe that as he lay in his manger, Jesus knew. He knew the Wise Men were coming. He knew Herod was searching for him – and would not find him, because it was not yet his time to die. He knew, as he gazed at Mary, and nursed – he knew. And every time I think of that, I cry. Because that is some heavy shit to bear. But I am thankful, for his grace, for his steadfast devotion to his path, for his sacrifice. And I thank God and the universe for this blessing, and for the remembrance of what this holiday really is, a remembrance that for me, imbues the days of the season with more magic than Santa alone can do.
  2. I am thankful for humor.  Lord, there is nothing better than a rollicking good laugh. I have probably been guilty of trying to inject humor into too many situations, and sometimes inappropriately, but I just love the feeling I get from laughing, especially when someone makes me laugh until my eyes are tearing and my sides hurt.  Laughter has gotten me through many a hard day, and it’s made good days better ones.  Good places to get a side-splitting laugh:
    1. DadGoneMad – fatherhood made absolutely hilarious; this is one of my favorite blogs ever ever ever.
    2. Deadspin – humor for sports fans.
    3. Busymom.net – motherhood made hilarious.
    4. Dadsmacker – a dad riffs on all the too-precious-crap out there for parents.

    So thanks to all these funny people; you’ve gotten me through more days than you could possibly ever know.  And I thank God and the universe that I’ve found you, and through the internet you’ve been able to reach out and tickle my funny bone most extensively.

  3. I am thankful for my friend Audrey, whom I don’t see or hear often enough – and that’s saying something, because with most people, I’m pretty okay with the occasional visit.  This woman, though, is like my sister: very similar racial makeup (not that it matters, but it’s cool that we’re both biracial and both half-German).  She is intelligent, strong, open, wonderful, introspective, caring, encouraging, supportive – all the things you’d want in a friend but that I, at least, have rarely encountered in my lifetime.  Audrey is one of the few people on this planet with whom I can be myself, in all my various incarnations.  With Audrey I can laugh and cuss and show my ass, and all the while know that she does not then use that as her definition of me.  I know that I can also sit with her and discuss literature, and spirituality, and the vicissitudes of life and love.  Our talks can cover not only a breadth of topics but a breadth of behaviors – and she understands and accepts that many of them can and do exist within me.  With so many people I feel I have to be one or the other.  The people to whom I show intellect rarely see me let loose to a really raw extent, and the people to whom I show some “color” will too often close their minds off to plumbing any further depths.  With Audrey, I can be me.  And it’s only just hit me that, besides my husband, she’s really the only person that totally gets me.  So I thank God and the universe for her, for being that rare friend who knows all aspects of my life and understands them.

I think I’m going to end on that note, because that made me feel good – which is sort of the point, no?

Also because Pudding is sleeping sitting up on my lap as I type this, and I feel bad that it’s past 10 p.m. and my poor child is not lying down resting the way he should be.  So we’re going to go lie down, maybe I can read and end the day on a good note – and then tomorrow I can be more productive.  Today I got a whole lot of nothing done.  The day didn’t start off well – that’s another post, maybe tomorrow – and it kind of set the tone.  So I’m glad I’m ending it on a good note, with things to be thankful for, and a nice cup of tea.

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3 Responses to “Positivity”

  1. Busy Mom says:

    Hey, thanks!

    I think we could all use some reminders about being positive, I know I can.

  2. Audrey says:

    Your friend Audrey feels exactly the same as you! I love you much, woman and sister (really) Merry Merry Christmas!

  3. Sara says:

    What a great idea ! I have seen it advertised all over … the power of positive thinking, but I have never tried it, it’s just one of the many things I have in my to do list (when kids are grown and houses are self cleaning, blah blah …) I am going to try it because you have inspired me in so many ways :
    1- to write what I’m feeling in a blog instead of the dusty notebook that has been buried by the bedside for years (underneath all the book I want to read)
    2- to appreciate the little moments even when they may seem hard – there is a gem inside the rock.
    3 – to laugh at motherhood and stay-at-home Mom condition, even when it all seems to be spinning out of control, laundry pilling up, and money dwindling in bank (not to mention self-esteem going down the drain with hubby bringing home all the mullah and stay at home wifey forgetting to pay bills even after posting so many reminders on yahoo, cell phone …

    The list goes on but I just want to let you know that I LOOOVE your blogs, I spend way TOO much time reading them 🙂 (it’s almost 1AM and my alarm clocks will be up in a few hours) but keep it up because you have talent to draw one into your narrative and a lightness to make one wanting more.

    Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! May you pursue all your dreams and create new ones.

    Sara (sorry, this comment ran too long)