Coughing Like A Smoker

You know you’re coughing too much and too hard, when a cough hurts your abs.

That’s what happened to Punksin, who has started complaining and crying out in real pain whenever she coughs.

It’s tough to see her that pained. She is a drama queen extraordinaire so I get frequent doses of melodrama daily. This isn’t melodrama. This is real pain. And it’s awful to see that, to know that for once, there’s no exaggeration.

The good news is that I hightailed it to the doctor and thankfully it was the head of the practice instead of the ass of the practice.

Punksin has a sinus infection.

I’m so happy.

Any parent out there knows what I mean. Shoot, if you’ve ever been sick yourself with some lingering malaise that you can’t figure out, you know what I mean. I’m not happy she’s sick. I’m happy we can put a name to it, and in doing so, treat it properly and get it the hell out of her system so that she can get back to the all-important job of getting on our last nerves, driving us insane, and running rings around us.

God, we love this kid.

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