Methinks – Too Much

Today I drove straight through a red light.

With Pudding in the car.

The only thing that saved my ass was that it was a 3-way intersection, and it was one of those things where the other side gets the green light before you get yours. So the oncoming traffic was moving. My side wasn’t, but I sailed right past those fuckers. It was only when I was halfway through the intersection that I saw the red light. By then it was too late.

If one is going to just ignore the rules of the road like this, the best possible time to do it is when I did – no perpendicular traffic was moving because they also had reds, and no one in the oncoming traffic was making a left. Otherwise there could have been a nasty smashup that would have jolted me out of my already unpleasant reverie rather nicely.

What was I reverieing about? The holidays (and how they have come to fill me with dread, which I never thought would happen), and being broke, and any manner of shit that will just upset my day.

I had to pull over in a parking lot to get a grip. I even checked on Pudding although nothing had happened.

I can’t believe that I got that mentally lost while driving. What if I’d hurt my son?


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